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Career path design and succession planning

By analyzing competencies, work preferences, and interests, Talentware charts tailored career paths for each employee and structures robust succession plans tapping on the internal talent pool.

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Workforce planning

Structure solid teams by deploying the right talents in the right place based on their distinctive skill-set

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Fill the open positions by matching internal candidates' skills with the ones required for the role, while saving recruiting time and costs

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Succession planning

Automate succession planning and prevent shortages by identifying potential successors for each role based on their actual competences

With Talentware as a backbone, HR managers can finally align employee goals with business needs

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Trust drives employee engagement and retention, fostering commitment, loyalty, and satisfaction.

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Timely, relevant communication,collaborative culture that enhances decision-making, problem-solving, and organizational effectiveness.

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Nurtures potential, and align aspirations and strengths with organisational objectives through skill development, and career advancement

Here's what HR managers say...


"In the past couple of years we went through several reorganizations and now we need to define the best workforce set-up. Talentware is helping us to deploy the right talent in the right place"


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